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Skopje, 8 March - A total of 47 health professionals have been trained on effective perinatal care from the two Clinics in the country as part of the multidisciplinary teams consisted of gyn/obs, neonatologists and midwives. Fifteen gynecological and neonatological protocols on EPC have been developed and are being distributed in 33 Maternity Wards throughout the country.

These are the main results from the cooperation between UNFPA and the Government, Ministry of Health, Agency for Quality and Certification of Healthcare Institutions, joint project for reducing the death rate of mothers and newborns implemented from September to December 2018.

“We have to do everything to provide better conditions and reduce maternal mortality“, said the Prime Minister Mr. Zoran Zaev, presenting the results of the joint project at the high-level event organized today. He added that this is the first project in the country with matching funds, the mechanism with joint financial partnership.

Standardized access to delivery departments, trained staff, medical equipment and tools have been introduced with the trainings for effective perinatal care and fast appraisal of delivery departments conducted at the University Clinic for Gynecology in Skopje and the Clinical Hospital in Tetovo in accordance with the curriculum and recommendations of World Health Organisation (WHO).

“In general, the newborn mortality has been decreased by 30 percent in 2018 in comparison to 2017 as a result of all Government efforts“, said Minister of Health Mr. Venko Filipche.

Other speakers were the director of the JZU University Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics, Dr. Viktorija Jovanovska, the head of the Agency for Quality and Certification of Healthcare Institutions, Ante Poposki, the chairperson of the Committee for Safe Maternity, Dr. Ana Daneva Markova and Sonja Tanevska, assistant representative of the United Nations Population Fund office in North Macedonia.