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During the First Regular Session of the UNDP / UNFPA / UNOPS Executive Board, held on February 4th in the presence of senior United Nations officials, as well as the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of RNM, Mrs Jagoda Shahpaska, as the highest government representative at the session, the UNFPA Programme document for North Macedonia for the next five years was adopted.

The second UNFPA programme for RNM was adopted along with three other programmes of the Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia countries where UNFPA operates - Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Georgia, as well as, along with eight additional programmes from other countries.

The general vision of the new UNFPA Programme for North Macedonia concerns all women and men, young people, adolescents, vulnerable youth categories, women with disabilities and the elderly, in terms of exercising their rights, so that all have equal opportunities for education, employment and access to high-quality health services.

This vision is also shared by the Government of RNM which is reflected in the 2020-2024 Programme, thus contributing to the three transformational goals of UNFPA, and is in full compliance with the new United Nations reform document for the country, and supports the efforts of the Government of RNM to meet the ICPD goals, presented at the Nairobi Summit.

At the session, the UNFPA Regional Director Mrs Alanna Armitage congratulated the Government of RNM for the numerous achievements in the areas of the UNFPA mandate and the Minister Shahpaska especially emphasized the achievements resulting from the Social Protection System reform, the achievements in reducing women discrimination, achievements in providing equal opportunities, measures and policies aimed at retaining the youth in the country.

"The Government of RNM is fully committed to human rights, non-discrimination, gender equality and youth empowerment. Furthermore, North Macedonia continues to dedicate its work on promoting gender equality, which is part of the Governmental programme and its strategy towards introducing government initiatives." One of the main goals of this programme is to promote women's rights and increase their participation in the political, economic and public life," declared Minister Shahpaska.

North Macedonia Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Mrs Jagoda Shahpaska - Photo: UNFPA North Macedonia

Part of the legal and strategic initiatives adopted by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia in the past two years is also the 2017 ratification of the Council of Europe’s Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence in order to systematically eliminate all forms of violence against women, followed by the new Law on Prevention and Protection from Violence against Women and Domestic Violence adopted in 2021. This Law regulates the procedures of the institutions with due diligence oriented towards the protection of women against all forms of gender-based violence and victims of domestic violence, as well as the mutual coordination of institutions and organizations.

Mrs Shahpaska also made an emphasis on the 2019 Law on Abortion which guarantees that women shall have timely access to health care providers.

"The improvement of women's employment opportunities, education, elimination of violence, access to high-quality health services at the national and local level, creation of gender-responsive policies and budgets, will further remain to be key priorities of the country," stated Mrs Shahpaska.

"Everyone has the right to equal opportunities," expressed Minister Shahpaska.

The first regular session of the UNDP / UNFPA / UNOPS Executive Board can be found on the following link: ? term=