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After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, access to sexual and reproductive health services became significantly complicated and limited.

This is largely since the focus of the national health system was mainly oriented towards tackling the coronavirus issues.

The Ministry of Health, within the National Program for Early Detection of Malignant Diseases, has recently started developing an online platform – as part of the organized screening for cervical cancer, supported by the United Nations Population Fund – UNFPA.

Every woman can apply/ express interest in doing a free PAP test if she has not done so in the past 3 years and is within the age group provided for this year of 36-45 years. The online platform is being promoted on National TV and social media channels.

The module enables the appointment with a primary gynecologist and generates reports to monitor the progress of the screening. When the woman expresses interest, she will receive a scheduled appointment with her family gynecologist. If women do not have a registered gynecologist, they will be given the option to choose a registered gynecologist according to their place of residence.