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This Handbook is intended for healthcare workers in order to guide and facilitate their work within the daily practice as well as to facilitate the application of gender-based violence (GBV) protocols including persons with disabilities.

For this purpose, the Handbook provides practical advice on recording, documenting, reporting and systematic data collection and monitoring of cases of GBV including persons with disabilities, in accordance with the Law on Health Records and the Recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the preservation of the physical and mental health of the victims, as well as for the rehabilitation of the injuries and psychological traumas.

This Handbook is primarily envisaged for healthcare workers (physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers) working as first healthcare responders in cases of GBV. However, it may also be used by other healthcare workers, such as GBV researchers and heads of healthcare institutions. Its regular usage can contribute towards the establishment of an integrated system for monitoring and response to GBV cases at the national, regional and local level.

The Handbook is available in Macedonian and in Albanian language.