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The interim recommendations are based on the ongoing available information about the conditions associated with COVID-19 caused by the SARS CoV 2 virus and they refer to the healthcare professionals who come into contact with this category of patients, such as: family gynecologists, gynecologists responsible for maternity care, pediatricians, midwives and nursing care during the antenatal and peripartum period, as well as all the other health personnel involved in the monitoring and treatment of pregnant women.

However, the recommendations have been developed in order to provide appropriate information for the healthcare professionals, who will share part of these information with their patients to ensure that they are properly informed and monitored during their pregnancy and in the postpartum period. All these information are related to the general recommendations for preventing the spread of Coronavirus infection, as well as for optimizing the examinations of pregnant women in order not to lose the benefits of regular antenatal control tests and, accordingly, to reduce the number of these tests if necessary, and prevent an infection of COVID-19 disease.

Within the framework of these recommendations several algorithms for facilitating the procedures review are included, in order to be implemented with patients with suspected or confirmed Coronavirus infection, during antenatal care, triage of patients with symptoms of COVID-19, hospitalization of patients at risk, delivery and postpartum period.

Due to the relatively short existence of COVID-19 and the daily publication of medical data and additions of the SARS CoV 2 virus impact on the pregnant women health based on evidence-based medicine, if deviations from the current proposed recommendations occur soon, they will be further included in this text.